How you can create Christmas Wallpapers or Backgrounds

Allow me make clear how to make a christmas hd desktop wallpaper example using Photoshop. So why don’t we begin.
Enjoy your getaways.

Create a new doc with these dimensions:
Today choose a free 3d christmas wallpaper. Use as normal a color fill along with gradient fill.
In that case make a new condition using round condition tool. Produce 2 separate shapes on 2 separate layers.
After that overlay the shapes with rounded gradients (White to foreground). To solve the condition with shapes just create a new layer and fill the gradient straight on it.

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Now use a bit of layer styling on this very layer, not on the condition part.
And there we have it.
Link the condition layer and the lean layer, link them jointly and merge using mix linked command.
Which what we have now. 2 different non vector tiers.
It is best to to transform the big ball layer to match the lighting.
And there we go.
So what now we will do now is an actual time representation. Well you now the reflection in the Xmas ball is like in the mirror. For this we will pick any image with some home.
Drag it directly to our project area using the move tool (v). it will be on the separate layer automatically.
The dimensions are smaller than I think so just transform it.
Now apply clipping mask feature.
And there we have it our image inside the circle.
Use a part mask that reveals all to blend the corners slightly.

And Spherize filtration system in Filter > Distort menu box.
The layer must be picked.
It is advisable to to spherize the image many times.
Plus to that change the mixing up mode to Luminously and opacity level to about 79%-75%.
You can also erase a bit ob the image to blend the edges.
And here we go. This was the first step. Now do the same thing create 2nd clipping mask with the same image.
And round 3? the finally clipping mask.
Play with opacity and layer methods as well.
paint over it (on a new separate layer) to highlight the ball roundness. Highlights? with white and dark areas with dark blue. Very well this type of thing.
Here is our current layer order. You can see 3 clipping face masks. If you’re confident in your result just web page link the 3 clipping markers and also you source layer and merge them into you single layer.
Create a copy of the big ball layer. We will need it to create a reflection in the smaller ball. So watch.

Select the whole small ball layer and spherize, but our newly created Copy.
Create clipping face mask.
I’ve also painted slightly.
With mere PS comb:
Now I will create these little metal thingies. Don’t even know the name).
For this procedure I will use my Wacom tablet. But do know there are several ways to paint in PLAYSTATION depending on your skills and techniques. Basic color:
Render the corners.
Now I will coloring the ribbon.

Some snow. Can be done with basic brush changing the flow and master size.
The written text. And we are done here.
Enjoy your holidays.


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